GBL’s Mobile Rave Infinitour 2010 - Leg 1

GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Mobile Rave Infinitour begins today in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  For this first leg of the tour, we’re heading out to Western Canada with the wonderful BRAIDS from Montreal.

The concept of the tour is that we bring a full PA with us, including subwoofer, so that we can play at unconventional spaces and start parties anywhere. MOBILE RAVIN

Saturday, June 5th        Edmonton, AB           Castle Awesome
Sunday, June 6th           Calgary, AB              Marquee Room
Monday, June 7th          Calgary, AB              The Fun House
Wednesday, June 9th     Lethbridge, AB         The NAAG
Thursday, June 10th      Canmore, AB            Canmore Hotel
Friday, June 11th           Vancouver, BC          Goody Warehouse (w/ Teen Daze)
Saturday, June 12th       Victoria, BC              The Ratshack
Sunday, June 13th         Victoria, BC              Fan Club Music Club Home Office
Monday, June 14th         Kelowna, BC            Blue Gator (w/ Teen Daze)
Tuesday, June 15th        Nelson, BC              The Boy House
Wednesday, June 16th    Devon, AB               Legion Hall
Friday, June 18th            Middle of Nowhere, AB    North Country Fair
Saturday, June 19th        Middle of Nowhere, AB    North Country Fair

More dates on the infinitour in both Canada and the US to come.  We’re gonna be on the road for a long, long time.

And if you’d like us to play in your basement, kitchen, or grotto when we come through your city, just get at me!  cecil [at]


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