transmission from the crypt: we haven’t died, we’re just making stuff like the above video under the name born gold now

love and circle-pits

GBL is no longer. Long live Born Gold!

GOBBLE GOBBLE has become Born Gold. This tumblr is now a graveyard. Click above for Born Gold’s grand central station, and don’t forget to follow the new Born Gold tumblr.

More info on our evolution and why it’s happening is here.


Boring Horror 12” Single!

Amped to announce the Boring Horror 12” single, which is out in North America tomorrow (May 10th) on DeBonton.  In addition to yr normal single’s A and B sides (in this case “Boring Horror” and “Eat Sun, Son”), it also includes a bonus track (“Seizure to the Metronome”) and two neat remixes commissioned by the label. You can order it from DeBonton here, or Forced Exposure here.  If you are in North America it is a bit steep since it has to be imported from France… ballers only! 

GBL Affiliated Projects Alert

First out the gates is Purity Ring, the project of Corin from GBL, and Megan James, who was in GBL’s first incarnation and whose spirit still lives on in the band. These are synth-warped, minimal, hiphop-inflected pop songs — glowy and irresponsibly hooky.

Calvin from GBL makes lights out bedroom headphone and club heaters under the name Kuhrye-oo. I get echoes of Four Tet’s darker moments, some serious cinematic vibes, and a older Berlin burner-feel from it.  MUSIC FOR YR EVENING TRANSIT IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. 

Graham and Calvin’s band Gyre Spire and Spindle is still active, with plans for a new 7-inch this year.  These are intense post-hardcore jams - like the bloody placenta from Circle Takes the Square, Hot Snakes, and Kidcrash’s one night stand. Jheri also noted the Marnie Stern connect. You can download their debut tape for free here.

If you can’t tell, I’m seriously amped on the music my bandmates make. SO DONT SLEEP


EDIT: Since this was posted, Purity Ring has left a trail of e-devastation in its wake… including Best New Music honors from Pitchfork!!!

Mane Mane - Skin Fox
(courtesy of UUU Tapes)

Mane Mane is the wily C Powers and heRobust from Atlanta, GA, both men of many faces and part of the perpetually rad Peace Age posse of beat screwers and digital detritus experimentalists. If you aren’t familiar with Peace Age, the inverted future awaits you — it’s time to start clicking (here’s a few more essentials). This remix is one of many which comprise the new Skin Fox Remix EP.

Mane Mane have their new full-length, Mane2Mane, dropping on UUU Tapes  in early 2011! Sleeping on that release is not permitted.

Mane Mane - Skin Fox (GOBBLE GOBBLE’s Danny Tanner Fauxhawk)


Surprised there wasn’t an exorcism involved. Scratch that, this church looks evangelical; I’m surprised there wasn’t a DELIVERANCE involved. Maybe this is what the end of the world looks like. (Hat tip to the homie Samuel Yager.)

Infinitour Mixtape Volume 2

Calvin from GBL compiles the second installment of rad artists we’ve had the good fortune to shred it with on our Infinitour.

1. Elite Gymnastics “If You Love Me”
2. Big Freedia “Get Back”
3. Deon “Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand”
4. Universal Studios Florida “Sun Glyphed Comanche Kissed”
5. Weekends “Raingirls”
6. Yellow Ostrich “Whale”
7. Golden Ages “Africa (Toto)”
8. Gold Zebra “Trans Desert”
9. Aux Arc “Jump”
10. Emily Reo “Witch mtn pt2 (w. philip seymour hoffman)”
11. Headaches (the original Bad Dad) “Itsoundslike (groove edit)”
12. Birthdays “Software”
13. Mellows “Ghostriding”
14. Stepdad “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails”
15. Das Racist “Commercial (produced by teengirl fantasy)”
16. Pepepiano “Bruce Springsteen”
17. Philip Seymour Hoffman - Sleep Tight and Sweet Dreams
18. Pariah Carey - Wolves in Leland Factory
19. Foxes in Fiction - Jimi Bleachball
20. Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Born With Two Heads
21. Millionyoung - Sunndreamm

PHOTO CRED: Calvin “The Playboy” McElroy

VIA: Street Carnage + Hipster Wife Hunting